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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

thermogenic Sports Drink and Body Attack

press release from Body Attack e.K.
Hamburg, 14 May 2009 - Body Attack products remain very popular. This
proves not only winning the Fibo Innovation Awards 2008, but the
ever-growing consumer demand for high-quality products Body Attack.
(BUSINESS WIRE) - Starting today, the innovative Hamburg company also drinks.
The new Lean Fix Burner is the extra energy for training and also acts
as a fat burner. Reason: The combination of green tea and caffeine may
enhance thermogenesis, so it comes to increased consumption of fatty
This thermo genic food is delicious wild berry flavor out now.
Also new: Body Attack Sports Drink.
This isotonic thirst quencher, not only balances the loss of fluid, he
gives you back some important minerals like magnesium and calcium. In
addition, this functional sports drink contains energy vitamins B6 and
B12 and carbohydrates that can help your performance.
Who wants to try this drink once, should be declared under the 3600 or
040-4600 to. get more information.
Company information / profile:
As a manufacturer and distributor of nutritional supplements and
dietary products, we are aware of the desire of the body-conscious
people for efficient sports nutrition.
To meet this need may, develops and distributes Body Attack Sports
Nutrition brand to support the athletes from all areas in their own
individual training goals optimally.
In due course, the long-standing history of the company, which in 1994
took their beginning, the product range, the highest quality standards
subject to a wide variety of offers, which corresponds to the consumer
lifestyle and has an excellent price-performance ratio.
Especially in the field of protein products has Body Attack Sports
Nutrition is now one of the best and most extensive offerings in
Body Attack Sports Nutrition puts great value in developing new and
innovative products and thermogenic foods.
Winning the 2008 FIBO Innovation Award for the product "Cell Reloader"
is a proof that this effort is appreciated by knowledgeable experts.

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