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Sunday, 7 October 2012

thermogenic food stack composition Green Tea Extract

Have you ever tried BM-thermogenic stack. The newest what is even traffic capability in Germany. But the ingredients are much promissing and there are 180 caps in a can. The composition of more than 2 of ECA Allstars included:

BM thermogenic stack

- The removal of unwanted body fat deposits can be enabled and accelerated.
- Can lead to increased concentration
- No side effects
- Can be used as a supplement for an extreme diet & Definition
- Can lead to more training and boost energy
- May lead to a reduction of appetite / hunger hot
- Full of natural raw extracts
- No muscle loss

Ingredients per capsule:

Green Tea Extract 200mg,
Guarana 120mg,
Bean powder (Carb Blocker) 23mg,
Magnesium 50mg,
Coffee Extract 50mg,
Mate leaves green gem. 25mg,
Chitosan 50mg,
L-carnitine tartrate 50mg,
Spirulina 25mg,
Spices: ginger root, peeled crushed 20mg, 20mg Cayenne,
37.5 mg ascorbic acid,
Calcium D Pantothenate 3.75 mg,
Vitamin B6 HCl-1, 25 mg.
Magnesium stearate 4.5 mg (releasing agent),
120mg capsule
With allergies to shellfish you forego the use of chitosan.
Content: 180 Kapseln/144g

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