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Monday, 23 July 2012

thermogenic foods to burn body fat and tone muscles

To an impressive body just heard a washboard stomach. It signals success, health and acts on the female sex irresistible. No wonder then that almost every man wants to have a toned tummy. A six-pack, as he is known among insiders. The basic requirement is regular and rigorous training. A genetic predisposition is certainly helpful but not necessary. However, use the best abdominal muscles not matter if bacon is on them. Unfortunately, there is also a myth that you only get hard with a six pack abdominal workout. Because exercise alone, the fat will melt away the belly is not. In addition to consistent training, the betriebenem body burn fat. This can happen in the short term by a negative calorie balance in the medium term by the changeover to a healthy diet. Decrease with people who want would like to reach a targeted selective fat burning. This is not intended by nature. Another problem is the decline in a reduced calorie diet while your body fat percentage, muscle mass is to be preserved but skimmed. Because the muscles of the body of the motor is when it comes to burning fat, so the maintaining or building up the muscles a decisive factor! This is also the weakness of most diets: reduce the calorie intake and achieve fat loss and muscle wasting. With the yo-yo effect following the body responsible for the replenishment of energy stores in the form of stored fat, but without the muscles are simultaneously degraded rebuilt. Evil trap. - This is also intelligent. After all, you want to build muscle and burn fat also. Helpful on the way to Six-Pack is the use of thermogenic effects. This is where thermogenic stack - Star Body ® into the game.

Thermogenic Stack - Star Body ® contains bioactive substances that stimulate the fat mass balance and thus provide additional energy for the same training.

Green tea extract reduced the polyphenol EGCG contained in the extract not only the intake of food in the gut, but also increases fat burning, such as studies of the German Institute of Human Nutrition in Potsdam-Rehbruecke revealed.
Guarana powder, coffee extract guarana excites a high caffeine content, which stimulates blood circulation, blood circulation and strengthens the staying Vermögene just for endurance exercise. It also dampens hunger.
Bean powder: bean powder (phaseolamine) inhibits the alpha amylase before it can convert starch into glucose and then into fat. Importantly, the carbohydrates pass through the digestive system, but with a much lower calorie intake.
Mate Leaves: Mate leaves silent hunger.
Chitosan: Chitosan acts as roughage. It also has the ability to bind fats, so that it is excreted undigested.
L-carnitine tartrate: In order to bring the body to which it gains energy from fats must be transported, the fatty acids into the mitochondria. The fat reduction by means of L-carnitine. L-carnitine acts as a carrier and takes over this role.

Applications, sports groups, use:
-Above all athletes who are in the pre-contest (definition, diet, training for more muscle strength).

If you reduce your fat and calorie intake, you THERMOGENIC Force 1 in turning the body's fat stores, while improving your energy release so that you feel much fitter after a short time. Try one now THERMOGENIC food and be convinced of the effect
The focus on reducing body fat percentage is an important goal. But anyway, even with a body fat percentage in the single digit range, your definition may still be modest. For maximum cuts, you need both the subcutaneous fat, as well as reduce the stored water.

Fat burning that will help you get to your desired weight and figure one step closer to your desire. This remedy helps women lose unwanted fat deposits to, entirely, especially if you combine the intake with a balanced diet and appropriate exercise program.
THERMOGENIC Force 1 is the successor of the THERMO RIPPED PLUS.

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