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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pineapple is a thermogenic fat burner

Pineapple is a fat burner?

Pineapple has a thermogenic fat-burning effect?

The idea is tempting: the superfluous pounds are simply burned - without any change in diet and consuming Sportprogramm.So called fat burners therefore enjoy great popularity. Foods such as pineapple, papaya, tea or coffee to speed up the breakdown of fat in the body. However, certain enzymes, minerals and hormones are said to fuel the burning of fat in the body. But keep the supposed secret weapons Diet what they promise? Eight fat burner myths to the test.

thermogenic Fat burner myths to the test
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L-carnitine, pineapple and papaya
The effect of fat burners is now questioned by many doctors and nutritionists. That L-carnitine, a arminosäurehaltige substance that is involved in the burning of fat in the muscles leads to a sustained reduction in weight is not detectable. "To date, studies have not confirmed that more fat is burned when high amounts of L-carnitine are swallowed," says Silke Meyer remnants of the German Nutrition Society (DGE). It also submits that the human body is the active ingredient itself forth, so that everyone is adequately supplied with it. Also, the thermogenic pineapple enzyme bromelain, which is often recommended as a fat burner does not contribute to the diet's success. Neither of the papain,
papaya or kiwi of the enzymes. Since enzymes are proteins, they are in fact already broken down in the stomach and are then no longer effective. It does not matter whether you take the enzymes as a dietary supplement or in the form of fresh fruit itself.

Mate and Pu-erh tea
Many thermogenic food stores, drug stores and pharmacies praise Lapacho tea, maté, green tea and Pu-erh tea as slimming. The ingredients - including caffeine, minerals, vitamins, and bitters - intended to boost the metabolism. As the DGE indicating their websites, a weight-reducing effect, however, was only detected for caffeine and methylxanthines. The information contained in tea and coffee substances activate the sympathetic nervous system and stimulate lipolysis. However, the range of three to four cups of hot drinks are not sufficient to reduce the weight. If you drink more of it, however, that in turn can have unpleasant side effects such as sweating, rapid pulse and anxiety bring. For medical reasons is therefore not recommended by the immoderate consumption.

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Magnesium and chromium
As a fat burner and minerals like magnesium and chromium in the form of pills, powders and capsules are available. For their effectiveness, however, no evidence for this. Like a diet of DGE report points out, the fat-burning theory devoid of any magnesium nutritional basis. The mineral is therefore unsuitable for weight loss. Also, the trace element chromium, which occurs primarily in the United States is popular as a slimming aid, has no scientifically proven fat-burning effect. The DGE suggests that the Germans had their diet adequately supplied with chrome and an extra supply is therefore pointless.

Stress as a fat burner
"Stress to belly fat" is a popular principle when it comes to lose weight quickly. First, it is true that the body produces more adrenaline during stress, which in turn heats up the thermogenesis. It is a process in the body, wherein the fatty acid burned and heat is produced. Consequently, energy is consumed. Nevertheless, it is better to dispense with this weight loss method. Apart from the fact that the strong mental stress can be harmful to health, many overweight people under stress eat very much. Foremost among these high-fat foods and sweets - so thermogenic foods that hinder the success of diet.

Sports melts the fat
Unlike other fat burners and weight loss products and sports actually boosts fat burning. Suitable sports include jogging, Nordic walking and cycling. About 350 calories burned a 70-pound jogger running at medium speed in half an hour. Who is too strenuous, well advised by walking. It is particularly suitable for untrained and overweight amateur athletes. A variant is the Nordic Walking, a dynamic walking with poles similar to the cross-country skiing. A comparison with classical walking is that through the use of poles increases the calorie consumption by about 55 percent: Nordic walking burns 340 calories the body is about half an hour, walking at only 193 calories.


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