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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

thermogenic foods for a New, sleeker Healthy Temple

New, sleeker Healthy Temple
Win a check-up including consultation with Dr. Christian Matthai.

The right lifestyle, it is Dr. Matthai convinced Christian, can work
wonders. With great success helps the gynecologist, a hormone
specialist doctors and vital substance for men and women going to live
healthier, lose weight or to eat optimally. As of now the doctors are
available for new facilities: Matthai has just opened in Döbling its
contemporary and chic practice. For this reason MADONNA raffled
including a check-up consultation with a healthcare professional.

Stay healthy and feel great: preventive medicine with Dr. Matthai capitalized.

What can I do now, get fit and slim to get through the autumn and winter?
Christian Matthai: The cold season makes you want to Hearty. The
culprit is probably thermogenesis. This means that the body must
expend more energy to maintain body core temperature. In truth, we
need now is not really much more energy - even if increasing the
desire for more substantial meals. For what little energy we have to
spend more when it's cold outside, we usually have enough reserves.
The Slim-motto is: eat lots of fruits and vegetables as possible. So
that you strengthen your immune system and prevent against unwanted
weight gain.

What we do for now particularly well?
Matthai, many valuable, figure friendly foods just in the fall season,
vegetables such as squash, mushrooms and game dishes. But do not drown
the vital materials in thick cream sauce and top!

Her tip for a strong immune system?
Matthai: Goji berries, Acai and Mangosteen - these three fruits have
amazing effects on our immune system: colds should therefore have no
chance. The berries can nibble directly or take in capsule form. And:
Move! This strengthens the immune system, keeps you slim and makes you

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